Self Cleaning Brush for Dogs and Cats
Self Cleaning Brush for Dogs and Cats
Self Cleaning Brush for Dogs and Cats
Self Cleaning Brush for Dogs and Cats
Self Cleaning Brush for Dogs and Cats
Self Cleaning Brush for Dogs and Cats
Self Cleaning Brush for Dogs and Cats
Self Cleaning Brush for Dogs and Cats

Self Cleaning Brush for Dogs and Cats


Keep Your Pet’s Coat Looking Soft, Shiny, and Healthy with a Mess-Free Pet Hair Slicker Brush

✔ Premium Pet Grooming Brush

✔ One-Click Self-Cleaning Design

✔ Stimulate Natural Skin Oils

✔ Gentle, Pet-Friendly Massage

✔ Supports All Hair Types and Lengths


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PetPurpose Pet Hair Brush

As pet owners, we’re always looking to keep your pet’s hair soft and tangle free, especially if we’re trying to avoid a bunch of loose hair all over our shirts and furniture. That’s why you need a brush that not only removes loose hair, undercoat, and dander, but massages them while it stimulates the skin below. We developed the PetPurpose Pet Hair Brush to do that and so much more. A wonderful way to improve your pet’s natural circulation beneath the skin while also cleaning up dead hair quickly and effortlessly, this self-cleaning brush makes supports your pet more enjoyable for you both.


• Keep your pet's coat healthy and shiny with our premium slicker brush that reduces shedding and dander.

• Innovative one-click self-cleaning design makes grooming a breeze and keeps your home free of pet hair.

• Soft-tipped steel needles provide a gentle and comfortable massage that stimulates natural skin oils.

• Lightweight and ergonomic design allows for easy use with either hand, making grooming a comfortable experience.

• Ideal for long-haired pets, our brush works on all hair types and lengths for a versatile grooming experience.

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Premium Pet Grooming Brush – This versatile slicker brush for dogs and cats helps remove excess topcoat or loose hair, detangles fur, and keeps your pet’s coat soft and healthy to minimize shedding and dander or hair in the air.

One-Click Self-Cleaning Design – Offering a professional design for at-home use this pet deshedding brush uses an innovative push-button design that lets you retract the stainless-steel comb, so the excess hair simply drops straight into the trash.

Stimulate Natural Skin Oils – Our pet brushes for dogs and cats also help stimulate the natural oils in your pet’s skin which is important for reducing skin irritations, so they can feel more comfortable in their own fur all year- and season-long.

Gentle, Pet-Friendly Massage – The PetPurpose pet brush removes dander, tangles, and loose hair without pulling hair or irritating skin. Important for creating a calm, relaxing pet brushing experience for young puppies, small kittens, and old dogs.

Supports All Hair Types and Lengths – Pets come in all beautiful shapes and sizes which means the can have long hair, short hair, curly hair, and tons of types in between. These pet brushes work on them all, which is essential for multi-pet homes.

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"PetPurpose's brush is a must-have! Max loves the massage, and cleanup's a breeze. Bye-bye, fur everywhere!"

- Karen

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"This brush works wonders on my cats. Simple cleanup, happy cats, and no fur chaos. Five stars!"

- Mike

  • Verified Customer

"Best pet brush ever! Perfect for all my dogs. Gentle, easy, and stress-free grooming. Highly recommend!"

- Emily

  • Verified Customer

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